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Editorial Policies

Editorial Statements
  • A-JMRHS strongly supports research that will benefit medical science and discourages the publication of articles that merely represent pre-established and repetitive facts. However, at times, the journal does allow publication of articles that may have been reported in literature but from a different region. This is with a dual aim, to promote medical publications and to recognize the fact that disease and disease behaviour may vary widely between populations.
  • A-JMRHS provides services, if required by authors, in view of supporting them to write good quality articles. In return it charges nominal fees. Details of which can be found under author services.
  • The philosophy of publishers behind A-JMRHS is to promote research publication from less privileged parts of the world. The publishers do not propose to earn profit from the journal services. Hence most services provided are at par or below the costs to the publishers.
  • A-JMRHS welcomes and encourages authors who do not wish to use these services.
  • A-JMRHS editorial board and publisher take proactive steps in remaining unbiased to authors who avail or do not avail paid services.
  • Under no circumstances / incentive will A-JMRHS publish an article without merit and peer review.
  • The criteria for acceptance, format of manuscript and peer review process for authors who use or do not use paid services remains identical.
  • The time table of events after submission of an article detailed below refers to those authors who do not utilize the paid services of A-JMRHS.